About Lone Mountain

The Lone Mountain Book Project

Lone Mountain is an illustrated children’s story book created to educate youth about mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. Set in central Appalachia, this 32-page book presents beautifully illustrated full color pages that will compel and educate youth and adult readers alike. Focusing on Appalachia’s rich cultural and natural heritage- from its biodiversity to its clean water, food sources and medicinal plants- Lone Mountain presents a framework for learning about the valuable gifts of the Appalachian Mountains while raising awareness about the threats of mountaintop removal.

The Story of Lone Mountain                  

Set in central Appalachia, the story is told from the perspective of Lone Mountain, who has a close relationship with the community of people who use the mountain slopes for food, water and medicine. When mountaintop removal threatens to destroy those relationships, mountain people seek to educate others across the country about the ways in which we all benefit from the health of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Who Will Read the Book

The book is targeted to upper elementary and middle school-age children. At an age when they are old enough to take in the realities of environmental threats and be exposed to the rich history of citizen’s resistance in Appalachia, ranging from lobbying congress for better environmental protection to nonviolent direct actions. Many books and films have been produced documenting the destruction of MTR but this will be the first book targeted to teach young readers both about the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region and how these precious resources are threatened by MTR.

This book will appeal to parents, grandparents, librarians, and teachers, nature centers and anyone who wishes to help children cultivate an appreciation of the natural world and become good stewards of their environment and future.  

The Artist and Story Writer                                                                                           

Saro LynchThomason is the artist, story writer, project coordinator and lesson plan developer for the project. She began the Lone Mountain Book Project as an intern in 2008 with non-profit United Mountain Defense. She is an illustrator, Appalachian ballad singer and amateur folklorist. In 2012 she produced Blair Pathways: A Musical Exploration of America’s Largest Labor Uprising, a multi-media CD project which tells the story of the West Virginia Coal Mine Wars through historic music (see www.blairpathways.com). She recently received a fellowship from Berea College to study Kentucky ballads from the institution’s sound archives. Her art portfolio can be viewed on coroflot.com under the name Sara Lynch-Thomason.

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