Below are online resources to help adults and children learn about mountaintop removal, Appalachian biodiversity and culture, and strategies to end MTR.

I Love Mountains
Provides video, interactive maps, and other tools for citizens to learn about the impacts of mountaintop removal and their connection to it.

Journey Up Coal River
“Journey Up Coal River is an interactive mapping project that combines music, audio, photography and the written word to tell the story of the Coal River Valley, W.Va.” (from the Aurora Lights site).

The Coal River Mountain Watch Guide to Citizen Enforcement
A comprehensive guide that explores strategies to fight mountaintop removal. Includes information on current environmental laws, how to write citizen’s complaints and how to obtain compensation for blasting damage.

The Strip Mining Handbook
An online guide created to educate citizens on environmental and strip mining laws, and how to use knowledge of these laws to better protect their lands and communities.

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