Campaign Update #3


We’ve got two weeks left in our campaign, and we’ve raised about 50% of our goal! Wow, thank you so much! What’s even more amazing is that this money has been raised through over 100 contributions! We are honored to have such a broad community of people who care about this book’s message of conservation and care. Everyone on the Lone Mountain project team has been working away with weekly meetings, , and promotion, and our momentum feels stronger and stronger as we got towards the end of the campaign.

This last week Creative Resistance- an online showcase of activist art- posted our project on their front page. You can view the post here. Creative Resistance is a fabulous resource to view and explore activist art from all over the world- enjoy exploring the site!

If you know of friends, book stores, nature centers or collectives that would be interested in our book, please let them know that the time to order books is now, and that they won’t be available after the campaign! And since you’ve already made a contribution, we ask that you post that you have proudly given to this cause- whether on Indiegogo or on Facebook! The money we raise is crucial to helping us mail out the book orders, produce the Perk rewards and host book release parties in our home towns of Asheville, NC and Knoxville, TN.

For our mountains,

Saro L-T, Bonnie Swinford and Erin Bicknese

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