Campaign Update #2

Hello all!
As of Sunday evening, February 23rd, we are 35% funded! It has been so exciting to watch the contributions coming in every day and we can’t wait to deliver the Lone Mountain books to you all hot off the press!

We are doing the final edits to the book this week and will be sending it off to make a hard proof for review by Friday! We couldn’t have made it this far if you didn’t believe in the vision for this book- so thank you again.

A few things to note: This fundraising period is the only time when folks will be able to order books. So if you know people who are considering buying books please let them know that now is the time!

Some people have been confused by language that Indiegogo posts before donating. It reads: “By clicking ‘Continue’, you acknowledge that you understand that you are contributing to a work-in-progress and not making a direct purchase.” This is legal language that Indiegogo includes for its own safety. But be assured that when you contribute, you are making an order that will be fulfilled. You will receive your books!

Lastly, we’d like to ask you all a favor. If you’re proud that you’re supporting this project, please share our link on facebook and tell your friends why you contributed! Campaigns are ultimately successful because friends support friends- and we know that your friends will be inspired by what you care about.

Thank you again for helping to make Lone Mountain a reality.

For our mountains,

Saro Lynch-Thomason, Erin Bicknese and Bonnie Swinford


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