Ordering Books

This spring our campaign ended successfully. We raised nearly $16,000 and sent out hundreds of books to educators and parents across the country.

If you missed the Indiegogo campaign but would still like to order a book, please e-mail us at lonemountainbookproject@gmail.com.

Thanks for helping to educate kids everywhere about mountaintop removal and environmental conservation!

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Books Printed and Shipped

This week was a big one! We picked up the printed Lone Mountain books from South Carolina and brought them to Knoxville, TN. We then had a two-day shipping party during which we prepped and sent off about 500 packages! The Lone Mountain book has been officially launched into the world! May it inspire minds young and old everywhere.

If you’re in the United States, you will probably receive your order next week. If you are outside of the country, your package was shipped priority mail and will likely arrive a bit later than those inside the US. The digital rewards- Si Kahn’s “Veteran’s Day” mp3 and the wallpaper image- will be sent out via e-mail within a week. If you have any questions about your order, please e-mail us at lonemountainbookproject@gmail.com.

Below are a few photos from our shipping party. Meet the production crew that brought this book to you!

Erin is a baker, doula, and environmental activist.

Bonnie is a social and environmental organizer with the Tennessee Sierra Club.

Saro in the middle- Lone Mountain author and illustrator.

We are proud that this book will help to fund efforts by organizations we deeply admire, including Mountain Justice and the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.

We hope you enjoy and share these books with the special kids in your life. Our biggest hope is that Lone Mountain will be a spring board for some children to start seeing their world a little differently, and feel empowered to preserve and celebrate not just the Appalachian region but ecosystems across the world. Storytelling is a powerful tool for change- thank you all for being agents in this story.

With warm regards and gratitude,

Saro LT, Erin Bicknese, and Bonnie Swinford

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We Did It!



Well, we finished our campaign last week at a total of $15,747! Wow! We can’t thank you enough for making this little ol’ project a bigger success than we dreamed possible!

We’d like to update you on the campaign and let you know when you should expect your books and perks.

This next week we’ll be assessing all our orders and figuring out how many more books we’ll be needing from the printer. We’ll be placing our order by the end of the week, and then it will be 2-3 weeks for the printing to be done.

We’ll  convene late April for a “shipping party” and send out all our orders and perk rewards. Thus, everyone should be getting their books and perks (digital and physical) by the end of April.

While you’re waiting, enjoy this article. It’s about how the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, along with other activists, teamed up to successfully get Scholastic to remove pro-coal curricula from classrooms across the country!

Much appreciation as always to all our supporters.

For our mountains, our rivers, and air,

Saro Lynch-Thomason, Bonnie Swinford and Erin Bicknese


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Campaign Update #4

Hello all!

We have one-and-a-half weeks to go before the campaign ends. Through the generosity of 139 donors we’ve reached 2/3rds of our goal: $4,500! Wow!

Last Thursday Saro finished the final edits for the book and sent it off to Electric City Printers. In the next week or two we will be able to see a hard proof of the book, then approve it for publishing!

However, we still have a long way to go before we have covered our costs for the project, but we do believe we can get there with the time we have left! You can help us greatly at this stage by downloading and posting the image below on to facebook, adding a link to our Indiegogo page. The majority of our donations are small book orders from individuals. So if you help to motivate even one or two people to donate, it will make a huge difference for us this last week!


We are so grateful for your support and shared vision for a world without mountaintop removal and coal dependency. This book will help children understand that another way of living with our mountains is possible.

In Gratitude,

Saro Lynch-Thomason, Bonnie Swinford and Erin Bicknese

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Campaign Update #3


We’ve got two weeks left in our campaign, and we’ve raised about 50% of our goal! Wow, thank you so much! What’s even more amazing is that this money has been raised through over 100 contributions! We are honored to have such a broad community of people who care about this book’s message of conservation and care. Everyone on the Lone Mountain project team has been working away with weekly meetings, , and promotion, and our momentum feels stronger and stronger as we got towards the end of the campaign.

This last week Creative Resistance- an online showcase of activist art- posted our project on their front page. You can view the post here. Creative Resistance is a fabulous resource to view and explore activist art from all over the world- enjoy exploring the site!

If you know of friends, book stores, nature centers or collectives that would be interested in our book, please let them know that the time to order books is now, and that they won’t be available after the campaign! And since you’ve already made a contribution, we ask that you post that you have proudly given to this cause- whether on Indiegogo or on Facebook! The money we raise is crucial to helping us mail out the book orders, produce the Perk rewards and host book release parties in our home towns of Asheville, NC and Knoxville, TN.

For our mountains,

Saro L-T, Bonnie Swinford and Erin Bicknese

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Campaign Update #2

Hello all!
As of Sunday evening, February 23rd, we are 35% funded! It has been so exciting to watch the contributions coming in every day and we can’t wait to deliver the Lone Mountain books to you all hot off the press!

We are doing the final edits to the book this week and will be sending it off to make a hard proof for review by Friday! We couldn’t have made it this far if you didn’t believe in the vision for this book- so thank you again.

A few things to note: This fundraising period is the only time when folks will be able to order books. So if you know people who are considering buying books please let them know that now is the time!

Some people have been confused by language that Indiegogo posts before donating. It reads: “By clicking ‘Continue’, you acknowledge that you understand that you are contributing to a work-in-progress and not making a direct purchase.” This is legal language that Indiegogo includes for its own safety. But be assured that when you contribute, you are making an order that will be fulfilled. You will receive your books!

Lastly, we’d like to ask you all a favor. If you’re proud that you’re supporting this project, please share our link on facebook and tell your friends why you contributed! Campaigns are ultimately successful because friends support friends- and we know that your friends will be inspired by what you care about.

Thank you again for helping to make Lone Mountain a reality.

For our mountains,

Saro Lynch-Thomason, Erin Bicknese and Bonnie Swinford


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25% of Goal Reached


Two weeks into our campaign and we have raised 25% of our funding goal! We still have a long way to go to get this book published, but we are excited to have already come so far! Check out our Indiegogo Campaign to donate and order books! The most popular donation type has been $40, which automatically gets you, the giver 5 copies of the book for all the special kids in your life.

When you donate, announce it proudly on facebook, to your friends via e-mail, or on Twitter. Most of our funding is coming from individuals ordering 1-5 books, so the more people who know of our campaign, the better we do.

We are also proud to announce that we have several new Project Partners including the Beehive Design Collective and Coal River Mountain Watch!

Thank you for your support. We look forward to getting this book into the hands of kids everywhere.


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